The Lunabakelo Story
My name's Erika Juhász

My aim is to breed longhairs in excellent type, in self black, chocolate (chocolate roan) , several agoutis, tan and fox colours.
Tans and foxes are considered "new" colours also abroad, especially in longhair breeds. So, I am especially pleased that I could get tan and fox animals in excellent type, from some different breeders.


 Many people ask me about the meaning of the name Lunabakelo, and also about the reason I chose it for my breeding. This is a fantasy name, which means responsible ownership and love of the animals to me. Also the name of my dog. :o). I have always loved dogs, but as a child, I could not have my own, as keeping such an animal needs responsibility (walking every day, caring for her, the most important thing for a dog is his master, everything depends on him), my parents thought I was not ready for all that. But finally, they changed their mind after I took the school leaving exam at the secondary school. I got a present: a longhaired crossbreed puppy. My father wanted to call him Buck (after the famous German shepherd named Buck) so he became Buck, which we made a bit "more Italian": Bakelo. And I liked the name Luna (means 'moon') very much, because the white spot on his chest in the black fur looked exactly like the Moon in the sky. So, he became Lunabakelo. :o) When he was 10 months old, it turned out that he has severe hip dysplasia. The vets said he might not be able to stand up by the time he would be 12 months old. Thanks to swimming (as medical gymnastics) and the green mussel extract, which he takes, he has almost no symptoms.  When he was 2 years old, he was diagnosed with kidney problems, the vets could not estimate his time left. Now, he is almost 6,5 years old, he gets regular treatments, he eats a special kidney diet, but in spite of all these, he is an extremely happy dog with a nice temperament. This dog tought me never to give up, and that we can be over all difficulties if we have the will-power. And something else: that keeping animals needs responsibility, and also sacrifice sometimes. But it can cause much pleasure, and it is the same with breeding. That is why I have chosen this name for my breeding.  

Lunabakelo Dolly and me :o)

I started loving cavies as a child already. First, I had shorthairs in parti-colour (Maci and Bubu), then my longhaired Peruvian mixes. After they died, several years passed without cavies, then I saw a cavy sitting sadly at the corner in the local pet shop. It was not too nice, not purebred, but I could not leave her in the shop. I bought her, then another one, then anothe... :o). But as they were mixes "only", it was not about breeding at all. I started looking, I wanted to have really nice animals, I decided to buy them from a breeder. I liked longhaired animals very much, so I was looking for such cavies. I found the website of István Siklósi accidentally,  (, Brentwood Hotel breeding), where I got to know Texels as a cavy breed. I became very interested, because they were completely different from the cavies I saw before. They were big, strong, massive, and I was fascinated by their curly coat. I wanted to see them live. When I took such a cavy in my hand, I knew it was the breed I want to have and work with. I collected information, I read, I tried to get to know as much as I can about breeding. István also helped me a lot with his experience and advice. Special thanks to him for that! I founded my breeding on Brentwood Hotel cavies. The two breeding has been changing animals and helping each other's work since that.

Black and tans in longhair

Angerer Lotte, black and tan coronet   Austrian Peruaner Lara, black and tan sheltie
Twin Peaks Zeusz, our canadian import

Chocolate texels...


Silveragouti texels...

My animals come from the following breeders:

Brentwood Hotel, breeder: István Siklósi
-        Zen Style at B.H, silveragouti texel boar
-        Kill Joy at B.H, himalayan mohair sow
-        Iron Flower at B.H, silveragouti texel sow
-        Indian Flower at B.H, grayagouti texel sow
-        Quick Silver at B.H, silveragouti-white texel sow
-        Winter Garden at B.H, lilac-gold argente texel boar
-        Eleven Secrets at B.H, black texel sow
-        Moliere at B.H, black-white texel boar
-        June at Brentwood Hotel, tortoiseshell texel sow
-        Hope and Darknes at Brentwood Hotel, black texel sow
-        Jib-Jab at Brentwood Hotel, chocolate sheltie sow
-        Poem at Brentwood Hotel, silveragouti texel sow
-        Chocolate Chip at Brentwood Hotel, chocolate texel boar

"Twin Peaks", breeder: Paul Alexander
-        Twin Peaks Zeusz, black and tan sheltie boar

"von Werne", breeder: Irene von Werne
-        Wagner von Werne, sepia sheltie boar
-        Werner von Werne, beige texel boar
-        B.B von Werne, chocolate sheltie sow
-        Drive von Werne, buff sheltie sow
-        Swing von Werne,chocolate-red roan sheltie boar
-        Blues von Werne, chocolate sheltie sow

"von Piccolinos", breeder: Cristina Gätjens
Wine von Piccolinos, red texel sow

"von Wildenhoff", breeder: Monika Bregula
-        Indigo von Wildenhoff, chocolate texel boar

"von Sahia Serail", breeder: Bettina Bornschein
-        Felicia von Sahia Serail, chocolate texel sow

"vom Dreiländereck", breeder: Christiane Mayer
Juliette II. vom Dreiländereck, goldagouti-white texel sow

"vom Gotenholz", breeder: Andrea Illmer
Orrin vom Gotenholz, red texel boar

"vom Miamor", breeder: Tatjana Neujah
Amidala vom Miamor, chocolate texel sow
Lois von Miamor, chocolate texel boar

"vom Hochtiedswald", breeder: Nicklas Kirchhoff
-        Shcoko Muffin vom Hochtiedswald, chocolate texel sow

"Noname vom Nagerhof", breeder: Philipp Hoffman
Noname vom Nagerhof, chocolate texel sow

"Angerer", breeder:
Claudia Kopeczky
-        Angerer Dublona, chocolate texel sow
-        Angerer Lotte, black and tan coronet sow

"vom Mozartweg", breeder: Hedwig Geyer
Boscorelli vom Mozartweg, silveragouti texel boar
-        .... vom Mozartweg, silveragouti-white texel sow
-        Lien vom Mozartweg, goldagouti sheltie sow

"Austrian Peruaner", breeder: Alexandra Dapont
-        Austrian Peruaner Bangal, black and tan sheltie boar
-        Austrian Peruanar Lara, black and tan sheltie sow

"Vom Kap Hoorn", breeder, Sonja Ecker
-        Black Pearl vom Kap Hoorn, silver fox sheltie sow

"vom-Schlossberg", breeder: Gisella Müller
-        Salome vom-Schlossberg, cream-white sheltie sow

"Texel Impala" (Brentwood Hotel line), breeder: Ioana Craciun
-        Texel Impala Brownie, chocolate texel sow
-        Impala Jade Jewel, chocolate texel sow
-        Impala Lovely Lady, orange-agouti texel sow

Piki Kvik", breeder: Irina Bileckaya
-        Piki Kvik Lucky, slate blue, coronet, sow


We keep regular contacts to breeders abroad. I am pleased that my caviary has become known a bit abroad, too.


Some breeders who use Lunabakelo cavies:

"Brentwood Hotel", breeder: Siklósi István
"Happy Dolls", breeder: Sajben Szilvia és Dívós Péter
"Old Warroir", breeder: Zerényi László
"Nogesz-Part", breeder: Burján Péter és Burján Viktor
"Ducky Piglet, breeder: Juhász Klaudia és Juhász Norbert
"Blue Sky", breeder: Fono Vivien
"Pokol House" breeder: Hell Zsófia
"House of Black Moon", breeders: Bodzsár Kata and Bodzsár Szilvia
"Black and Gold", breeder: Farkas Edit

Daniela Weber
"vom Mumintal", breeder: Diane Simon

"Angelikas Kuschel Wuschel", breeder: Angelika Till
bredder: Elke Peyerl
"Vom Kap Hoorn", breeder, Sonja Ecker

"Texel Impala", breeder: Ioana Craciun

Elena Kruglova

"Z Cavia Zahva", breeder: Lubica

Ludmila Germanuk


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